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Achieving More in Your Practice

You have invested heavily in your education and your practice. You deserve a practice that is efficient and experienced, as well as profitable. Is it time to make the necessary changes to take your practice to the next level?

Owning and managing a business can make it challenging to ask for help. You are accustomed to being in charge and responsible for everything. The dental industry has its own unique pressures. While maintaining a balance between your professional and personal life, it can be difficult to make your dental practice more efficient.

Our Team Will Conduct a Comprehensive
Analysis of Your Business

Dental Consultant North Carolina

There are times when the doctor/owner understands that something in the practice needs to change. The production may be low, morale may be low, the hygiene schedule may be broken, or the cash flow may be diminishing. The ability to see things objectively often requires an additional set of well-trained eyes. As a business consultant, we have the expertise and knowledge to independently analyze the financials, observe daily processes, and then recommend a plan of action to put your business on the path to consistent growth and profitability.

An integral part of our consulting team spends time in your office observing your daily operations. Our team analyzes your business’s critical functions, including staffing efficiency, OSHA and HIPAA protocols, charting, fees analysis, and scheduling. We will review verbal skills, post-operative instructions, and patient follow-up and satisfaction. Every detail counts!

Opening a New Office?

Dental Consultant North Carolina

We’re here to help you! Our on-site training allows your office to start off on the road to success by establishing processes and training your staff properly. We will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that your practice runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Your Team is Key to the
Success of Your Office

Dental Consultant North Carolina

The most valuable asset of any dental practice is not the equipment, the facility, or the technology, but the individuals who collectively form the team. It is this team’s responsibility to maintain the culture of the practice, to place a focus on patient care, and to convey the value of oral health care to patients.

You are not only a caregiver, but you are also an employer, and this entails additional responsibilities. As a result, you must recruit, hire and continually train your staff, both clinically and administratively, within the guidelines of the law. Our company can assist with team training, setting up credentialing services for your hiring process, creating goal-oriented scheduling processes, and creating templates.


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Dental Consultant North Carolina

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Dental Consultant North Carolina

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